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Conversion kit


Convert your van

With more than 900 Vanpackers in 4 years, we have developed unique expertise in adapting your minivan.

Compact, lightweight and optimized for both small and long trips, the conversion kit will become your ideal road trip companion! Manufactured in 2021, this revised and improved conversion kit will allow you to experience the vanlife at a low price!

You can now rent it or buy it! This new model is perfect for a successful roadtrip, word of Vanpackers!

Renting price: 45$/day +tx

Selling price: 3845$ +tx

Benefits & features

  • Installation in 5 minutes without drilling
  • Excellent stability when moving for increased safety
  • Storage space and height optimized for comfort
  • Use as a twin bed, double bed or living room, depending on your preference
  • High density mattress with washable covers (178 x 122 x 10cm) – Possibility of moving the driver’s seat forward to gain 15cm –
  • Table with interior support (3 positions) and exterior support included
    • Easily removable front bed boxes for 3 to 4 people travel with the 2nd seat row ★
    • Kitchen separate from the bed and drawers accessible at all times with or without the third seats row
    • Included: folding sink, 20L. water tank and MCS-200 Martin propane stove with flexible hose
    • Clear rear view when driving and stationary
    • Designed and manufactured in Quebec by proud Vanpackers

    Compatible vehicles

    • Dodge Grand Caravan (2008-2021)
    • Toyota Sienna (2004-2020)
    • Chrysler Town & Country (2008-2016)
    • Chrysler Pacifica (2016-2021)