Doing a road-trip is to decide not to decide anything and to sleep where we want whenever we want, and mostly for free ! The art of boondocking is the common skill of every Baroudeur. But… Can we really sleep wherever we want ? Are there any legal restrictions ? Here are some Baroudeur’s tips that will help you sleep with your eyes closed.

Best spots to sleep & chill during your road-trip

In the following spots, you can park without a doubt :

  • Parking places in Quebec’s Villages-Relais: Discover here the list of car parks where you can sleep for free !
  • Local farmers: Thanks to our partnership with Terroir en VR, you can park your van in a farmer’s court to sleep and meet locals ! Do not hesitate to visit their website and contact us if you’re a Baroudeur !
  • Wal-Mart car parks : Open 24/7, most of Wal-Marts accept the one-night Baroudeurs.
  • Tourist offices, churches and government’s buildings: They have parking lots where you can park for the night, but ask locals first. 
  • Casinos: They also allow Baroudeurs to park for a night.

In any case, you must respect the place’s tranquillity and to leave the place as clean as it was when you parked. Do not hesitate to ask locals for advice and kept secrets, they will guide you to unique places. You got Gab’s words.

But also….

If you can’t find happiness with this, these apps will definitely help you out.

  • Ioverlander

This app is one of our favorites. It lists a huge amount of car parks and is updated by its community. It’s a must have on your smartphone if you’re going for a road-trip. And not only in Quebec!


This app will make your life way more easier! It allows you to find the best sleeping spot with a few clicks! They also have a website.


You only have to register your location, and the app will find the best camping spots nearby.

  • RV Parky

This tool is as useful as easy to use for your minivan travels, the app is free and works only in North America. Be careful, you cannot use it offline!

  • Facebook Groups

To conclude, what’s best than refer to a road-trippers community ? The group “Mon road-trip au Canada, Conseils, Bons plans, Rencontres” is one of the Canadian travelers’ groups but it exists a multitude of them (En VR pour pas cher, Québec Vanning etc…). These are wonderful communities but be careful, if we give you a spot where to sleep, treat it with love, or you’ll be the last to go there and this would be awful.


How about you ? Share your tips with us and help the future Baroudeurs’ out !


Hey ! You want to know more about the must have apps to do a road-trip in Quebec ? Find it here!