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Kitch’In : kitchen box for trunk


Kitchen box for trunk

Designed with the expertise of Le Baroudeur, this Vanpackers® kitchen box can be installed in less than 5 minutes in the trunk of your vehicle.

Compact and optimized for most SUVs or other vehicles with a one-meter-wide trunk, the Kitch’In allows you to cook when you want, simply and with everything you need!

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Benefits & features

  • Installation in 5 minutes without modification of the vehicle
  • Excellent stability of the kit when traveling thanks to its fixation by straps to the original hooks of the vehicle
  • Height adjustment wedges for perfect adaptation in each vehicle
  • Solid design. Slides can support up to 99lbs.
  • Multiple handles for easy transport
  • Removable top board that can be transformed into an outdoor table(Table stant included)
  • Large removable storage bin (65L)
  • Space to store two 10L wter tanks
  • Included: folding sink & 10L water reserves
  • Clear rear view when driving and stationary
  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec by proud Vanapckers !

    Low cost options for improved usability:

    • High-performance Alpicool C15 compressor cooler
    • Martin MCS-200 propan stove
    • Martin MCS-250 propan stove
    • Flexible propane hose


    We have designed this converted kitchen so that it can fit into most of SUVs and other vehicles with a trunk of 1 meter wide (or 39 “3/8).

    Dimensions L x l x H : 100cm x 48,3cm x 68cm (39 3/8 po x 26 3/4 po x 19 po)


    Pictures of the Vanpackers® Kitch’In