Vanpackers® products

Rooftop tent


Soft canva roof top tent

  • Lightness and large interior volume
  • Fast opening and closing in less than 5 minutes
  • Fits most vehicles (SUV, van, 4×4, etc.)
  • Small shelters in the tent in case of rain
  • Installation in minutes
  • Maximizes space in the vehicle
  • 3 inch (7cm) high density mattress
  • The best view of sunrises and sunsets


TS-120 Roof top tent

New model 2022: ultra compact soft canva roof tent for 2 people with side opening. This model keeps space available for the installation of a bicycle, kayak or roof box.

Price : 1695$+tx


TS-140 EXT Roof top tent

Alone or with a partner, this high quality model will allow you to set up your base camp in less than 2 minutes, anywhere. Take advantage of the annex, included in the price, to add a living room to your tent during your road trip.

Rental : 45$/day +tx

*The annex is optional

Price : 2045$+tx


TS-160 EXT Roof top tent

Suitable for up to 3 people, the Vanpackers TS-160 roof tent offers additional comfort with its included annex and a 160cm wide foam mattress.

Price : 2295$+tx


Hard shell roof top tent

  • Fast drying
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Large interior volume, even closed
  • Quick opening and closing (less than 5 minutes)
  • Possibility to use it as a transport box for small items
  • Comfortable 6cm thick mattress
  • The best view of sunrises and sunsets


TR-125 Roof top tent

Thanks to its very comfortable mattress, its fiberglass shell and wide openings, the Vanpackers TR-125 roof tent will allow you to live a unique high-end camping experience!

Rental : 55$/jour +tx

Price: 2495$+tx


ALU-120 Roof top tent

This brand new ALU-120 model with an aluminum shell and a triangle opening makes it easy to close, while enjoying the comfort of a hardtop tent!

Price : 2595$+tx